[EM] Modification of STV to guard against favourite betrayal

Peter Zbornik pzbornik at gmail.com
Mon Sep 9 08:25:15 PDT 2013

Dear Markus,

and if I am correct, your proportional ranking method deals with Hylland
free riding optimally?
Could I send you the file we used in the election to see what result you
would get?
Could the file be on any format?
I am not a programmer, so it would help.
My objection to Condorcet methods is so far, that it promots burial and
thus elects "nobodies".

Best regards

2013/9/9 Markus Schulze <Markus.Schulze at alumni.tu-berlin.de>

> Dear Peter,
> I guess that you are talking about "Hylland free riding",
> rather than about "favourite betrayal".
> See section 7 of my paper:
> http://m-schulze.9mail.de/schulze2.pdf
> "In this context, Hylland free riding means that a voter
> votes preferably for those of his favorite candidates who
> are lower in the expected party list. (...) With this
> strategy the stronger candidates get lower places than
> they would have got otherwise, while the weaker candidates
> get better places than they would have got otherwise;
> therefore, the aim of this strategy is that the stronger
> candidates get places that are still good enough and that
> the weaker candidates get places that are just good enough
> to get elected."
> Markus Schulze
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