[EM] The Occupy exit-poll, among a typical population, says Green can outpoll Republican. Dump the Democrats.

Michael Ossipoff email9648742 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 13 08:02:31 PDT 2013

The Occupy presidential exit-poll, among the presidential candidates
on the N.Y. ballot, accomplishes and shows more than other polls by
alternative voting systems, because that poll was purposely conducted
among a typical population. As you've probably read in their report,
they chose a district with a typical population composition. A good
effort was made to use the alternative voting systems among a typical
U.S. population.

The fact that the Democrat won, by all four voting-systems, reflects
the fact that people haven't heard of the alterantives available to
them, and have been convinced by the mass media, regarding "The Two

But the poll shows something important:

It confirms what other polls have been showing too--The Republican
came in last, as is usual.

That fact has great relevance for voting in our current Plurality
voting system. If the Greens (GPUS) are more popular than the
Republicans, if the Green will outpoll the Republican, then THERE'S NO

As I've long been claiming, the constant media claim that the Democrat
and the Republican are "The Two Choices" is disinformation. I've been
pointing out that the GPUS platform offers what people say they want,
and offers to fix the things that everyone is complaining about--such
as taxes on the working poor, and a tax system imposed unduly heaviy
on the ordinary population, as opposed to the wealthy.

The fact that the Republican came in last, in the Occupy presidential
poll, among a typical population, further confirms that GPUS can
outpoll the Republican, thereby freeing us of any need to hold our
nose and vote for the Democrat, whose essentiallly Republican policies
we don't really like.

As I've said, Plurality's u/a strategy is to combine votes on the most
winnable acceptable candidate. For progressives (people who want
policies that are more pro-human, humane, ethical--and canddidates who
are uncorrupt and more honest), that candidate is obviously the GPUS
nominee, in any election.

So, I repeat that the replacement of Republocrats with Greens could
begin in 2014, and be complete in 2016.

So, shall we vote honestly in 2014?

Dump the Democrats.

 Michael Ossipoff

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