[EM] Preferential voting system where a candidate may win multiple seats

Chris Benham cbenhamau at yahoo.com.au
Fri Jun 28 09:01:38 PDT 2013

Vidar Wahlberg wrote (28 June 2013):

"I'm sticking to quota election because I don't fully grasp how to apply other methods (Sainte-Laguë, for instance) to determine when to start excluding parties."
Here is a hopefully clearer rewording of my suggestion:

*Use the best formula for apportioning seats in List PR 
(based on first preference votes) to provisionally apportion the seats. If 
this apportionment gives every party at least one seat, confirm this apportionment as final. 

Otherwise, eliminate the party voted top on the fewest ballots and transfer that party's second-preference votes IRV-style.

Based on the updated tallies (that include votes transferred from the eliminated party) again make a provisional apportionment. If that apportionment gives every uneliminated party at least one seat, then confirm it as final.

Otherwise, again eliminate the party with the smallest vote tally (that might include votes from the already eliminated candidate) and again transfer votes IRV-style
to uneliminated parties.

Keep repeating this process until an apportionment is confirmed as final (when every uneliminated party has at least one seat).*

I hope that is now clear.

Chris Benham
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