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I quickly read the article. Here are some observations.

- Term "Bucklin system" has not been defined. I can guess that it probably refers to Bucklin style stepwise addition of new approvals, but that may not be as obvious to all readers. If there is no definition of "Bucklin system", maybe one could say "As in Bucklin" instead of "As with any Bucklin system".

- Sentence "if there are more than one with a majority, the "B" votes are removed and the highest sub-majority wins" is ambigious in the sense that it is not clear if "highest sub-majority" refers to all candidates or to candidates that had majority after adding the "B" votes.

- It is not quite clear what happens and if it is possible that there is no majority after the "F" votes have been counted.

- The grades could be letters or numbers, but they could also be e.g. columns without any letter or number. This part of text discusses what the ballots might look like. I'm not sure if ballot different ballot formats should be seen as an essential part of the method definition, or if the method should be defined abstractly without referring to what the actual ballots might look like. I tend to define the methods abstractly without assuming anything on the ballots, and then discuss possible ballot formats as a separate topic, but I'm not saying that's the only and best approach. The current text is thus ok. I just first read the grades of the definition as abstract grades, not as definitions on what would be written in the ballots.

- The linked definition of "evaluatve" says that ranked systems can not give same ratings to two candidates. I think that's confusing and wrong.


On 18.6.2013, at 23.44, Jameson Quinn wrote:

> http://wiki.electorama.com/wiki/Majority_Approval_Voting
> Please help build up the article and work on the clearest consensus wording. This article is all my own voice so far; my goal is for it not to be.
> Jameson
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