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Richard Fobes ElectionMethods at VoteFair.org
Sun Jun 16 10:30:56 PDT 2013

On 6/16/2013 8:58 AM, Benjamin Grant wrote:
> ...
> I think my next task is to put a pause in the pursuit of different
> voting systems to focus on understanding better the various criteria
> (later no harm, Condorcet, etc), in much more depth, ie, what they are
> each about, what it means that a system fulfills of fails one, etc.
> I will post more about that shortly – let me know if I am dragging this
> group to far into “voting theory kindergarten”, but I really want to
> “get” all this.

The Wikipedia article "Voting System" is the most concise explanation of 
voting-method criteria that I've seen.  The comparison table summarizes 
which methods pass or fail each criteria, it is preceded by brief 
descriptions of the criteria, and you can click on the links in the 
table headings to take you to details about a specific criteria.  Also 
you can sort the table according to any criteria.

You are not dragging this group into “voting theory kindergarten”.  We 
welcome anyone who makes an effort to learn about voting methods (and 
who does not behave like a troll).  After all, our goal is to educate 
ourselves and others about what we should be doing when voters finally 
wake up to the need for better voting methods, and people like you will 
help us get there sooner.

Richard Fobes

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