[EM] Quod non erat demonstrandum?

Abd ul-Rahman Lomax abd at lomaxdesign.com
Fri Jun 7 14:06:55 PDT 2013

At 12:27 PM 6/7/2013, Michael Ossipoff wrote:
>QNED, quod non erat demonstrandum, this is not demonstrated.
>Quod non erat demonstrandum would mean   "...which was not (intended)
>to be demonstrated".
>If you want to say "...which is not demonstrated", then that would be
>"Quod non est demonstratum".

Ah. Makes sense. Thanks, Michael. Now, what does this have to do with 
the point. My meaning was clear enough, even if my latin grammar 
sucked. I did look it up. A google search can be misleading....

So now I find:

>If you take "quod erat demonstrandum" as a phrase, and you want to
>negate the phrase itself, then the "non" should be outside it.
>Non (id) quod erat demonstrandum.
>Personally I'd labour the point to avoid any misunderstanding at all.
>Hoc non est quod demonstrandum erat.
>Hoc est extra postulata huius argumenti.

For simplicity, NQED. I can claim this is English, since QED is in 
English usage, so it means "Not QED."

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