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Hi, first a quick note: I haven't been commenting because real life stuff,
work, etc has been keeping me busy, but I fully intend to go back and answer
any posts sent to me via the list(s).  If just that my time and focus comes
in bursts and droughts. ;)


Second note, I continue to thank all who are being helpful to me in the


Now, I asked my friend, who hasn't read up on election stuff to come up with
a good method - I was wondering what someone intelligent would come up with,
with no prior exposure to election science.  


Note: the thought experiment I asked of him had many basic constraints, for
example, the requirement that a voter be able to go and vote on a single day
within ten minutes, and that there would be ten candidates, among others.


This is the method he suggested:


*         Present the people with the ballot of 10 candidates and ask them
to pick their top three and their bottom three.

*         Every time a candidate is picked in a person's top three, the
candidate gets a +1. Every time a candidate is picked in a person's bottom
three, the candidate gets a -2. The four candidates the person did not pick
for either get +0.  (Sidebar: For N number of candidates, you have MOD(N/3)
positives, MOD(N/3) negatives, and the rest are left neutral.)

*         At the end of the night, we add up the scores and the candidate
with the highest score wins--even if the score is negative.


It's very interesting, and I in my newness to this all don't immediately the
warts, but since every method has them, I assume this one does too?


What do you guys think of this?


-Benn Grant

eFix Computer Consulting

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