[EM] All systems of voting are probably deeply flawed

Benjamin Grant benn at 4efix.com
Mon Jun 24 14:49:50 PDT 2013

Just a quick note to all, if I seem to be going after or down on whatever
system of voting you prefer, don't take it personally. It's not that I have
a better one in mind, it's just that I have a drive to truly know each
system top to bottom, no holds barred. And just because I find an aspect of
a system is abhorrent is not to say that I won't find another system even
more abhorrent.


It seems that every voting system I have check out thus far has what I would
certainly call deep flaws. Even if I remove some of the Criteria from the
list that I don't much care about - for example, if I understand it
correctly, it doesn't bother me if a well-supported compromise candidate
(ranked as 1 or 2 by 90%) is elected over a more narrowly supported first
place candidate that still got 51% of the vote.


But even if I remove from my personal consideration all the criteria that I
don't care about, there are plenty left that I do, and it sure is seeming
that no matter what, even the least bad system is going to have some (to me)
serious flaws.


So, again, if I am saying that your favorite voting system is horrible, that
doesn't mean I'm saying that it isn't inevitable.  Just that none of our
choices seem that wonderful. After all, sometimes the lesser of evils is the
best one can do - at least as a pragmatist, I must be open to that. :)




-Benn Grant

eFix Computer Consulting

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