[EM] impossibility theorem for monetizing voting systems

Warren D Smith warren.wds at gmail.com
Wed Jun 19 15:52:31 PDT 2013


now provides one (non-vague) formulation, with proof, of a
monetization impossibility theorem for voting.

 (The wording could use some polishing, but basically seems solid to me.
This probably will/should be merged into the previous
and largely replace its section 13.)

Whereas previously I'd attacked certain monetization schemes, this theorem
now shows that NO monetization scheme even is possible that meets certain
optimality and reasonability criteria.

There are undoubtably other impossibility results lurking too, for
example the next target
would seem to be some theorem saying that, in some precise sense, even
optimality is unattainable (?).

[Note, the reason I am not sending this to E.Glen Weyl, is because of
the following message from him dated 18 june 2013:
I am unwilling to continue my communication with you. I hope you will
stop contacting me."]

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