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Benjamin Grant benn at 4efix.com
Tue Jun 18 06:04:35 PDT 2013

OK, I have been dealing with a huge issue, and that is using Outlook to
perform inline replies.


When, for example, Jameson Quinn sends a long and nuance post to the list,
and I want to reply to it, the only method of reply I want to use in the
inline method.  That means that I post a chunk of his message, then my
reply, then another chunk, then my reply to that, and so on, like this:




Jameson Chunk 1

Benn reply 1


Jameson Chunk 2

Benn Reply 2


Jameson Chunk 3

Benn Reply 3


.and so on.


The ONLY way this works without becoming unintelligible is if it is easily
visually apparent as one scans down my reply which sections are the original
chunk (to which I am replying) and which sections are my new additions to
the conversation, my replies.


Outlook 2013 is frustrating me to no END in this regard.


However, let me be 100% clear - switching from Outlook to another product is
not an option.  I depend on Outlook in a myriad of ways I do not want to get
into here, but for better or worse, I *will* be using Outlook.


My question is this: Is there any *good* way to configure or use Outlook so
that I can do my inline replies on this list, and all of you can easily
visually determine which parts of the reply I am quoting (the "chunks") and
which I am newly creating (my replies), without it being a huge pain in my
rear, such as hand editing line by line?  Do any of you have ANY advice?  My
greatest fear is that if I don't fix this issue, the inline replies I send
to the list will go largely unanswered because they will be largely




PS. I guess I *could* insert some kind of macroed out lines like "****BEGIN
QUOTED TEXT*****" and "****END QUOTED TEXT****" but honestly, even that
won't work at all, because while that might work the first time, what
happens when a thread goes back and forth a couple five times - it will
already be populated with those markers, rendering new markers lost in a sea
of noise.  This is a HARD problem to solve, but unless I do, I may as well
be typing gibberish!  Argh!  Help?  


PPS.  I *have* done a few hours of googling on this problem, but haven't yet
found a silver bullet.  I am hoping that you guys have some fresh, good


-Benn Grant

eFix Computer Consulting

 <mailto:benn at 4efix.com> benn at 4efix.com



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