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Benjamin Grant benn at 4efix.com
Sun Jun 16 13:25:25 PDT 2013

I submitted a post I was hoping for feedback on called "[EM] Voting Criteria
101, Four Criteria" at around 1PM EST today. Now it's about 4:30PM EST and I
never got a copy of my own post in my mailbox - and I have been getting
copies of all my other posts.


When I go to the archive site for the list:




it is listed there, but I am confused about whether it actually went out to
the list or not.  If not, I would like to resend it, as I very much want
feedback, but I also don't want to spam the list with duplicates - but since
I never got a copy of it in my inbox, I am thinking that maybe no one else
did either?




-Benn Grant

eFix Computer Consulting

 <mailto:benn at 4efix.com> benn at 4efix.com



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