[EM] 2012 Netherlands P.R. election results

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Sun Sep 23 22:19:19 PDT 2012

A mere 11 ( repeat 11) parties winning some seats.


The Sun continues to rise and set in the Netherlands.

See also the Israel P.R. system - with multiple parties --
BUT with the EVIL INSANE *parliamentary regimes*   -- same party hacks 
having BOTH legislative and executive powers.

AT LEAST some brains in 1776 to have separation of powers -- see the 
celebrated Montesquieu - his Spirit of the Laws.

The EVIL dead system in the STONE AGE U.S.A. / State regimes - the nonstop 
robot party hack gerrymander district Donkeys / Elephants - since 1865.

P.R. - legislative bodies and Approval Voting executive/judicial offices - 
pending Condorcet head to head math -- 

-- before it is TOO LATE in the U.S.A. -- due to very advanced EVIL 
monarchy cult stuff in the U.S.A. -- i.e. the EVIL god - monarch - emperor - tyrant 
stuff since the 1932 Prez election -- with the related worse and worse 
(with now almost total media CONTEMPT - for the minority rule gerrymander 
legislative bodies - Congress, State legislatures, local govt paralyzed regimes).

See the rot of the Roman Republic in 120 B.C. to 27 B.C. - the EVIL tyrant 
Augustus Caesar (and his oligarchy gang) takes over the regime -- until it 
is destroyed in 476 A.D.
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