[EM] Voting systems are not tiresome, and remain fun.

Michael Ossipoff email9648742 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 23:17:10 PDT 2012

In my most recent long reply to Juho, posted about 5 hours ago, I said
that, though reform or social improvement are unlikely, I do this
subject anyway, just for fun. That much was true.

But then I said that, "But it's only fun for so long." That isn't
true. It's still fun, otherwise I wouldn't still be doing it.

I also said, "It has become tiresome." That's decidedly untrue,
because not only would I not still be on the subject if it were
tiresome, but a subject as socially important as voting systems
obviously can't be tiresome.

I don't know why, but at the time it didn't seem to matter if I
exaggerated or slightly misrepresented my reason for retiring from
voting systems. Maybe I wanted to sound contemptuous.

Actually, I don't criticize the voting system subject, even when quitting it.

It's just that I never intended to stay with it forever. My
voting-system work was intended to be temporary. My voting-systems
work-style is that I work hard, pretty much continuously, on it, and
then quit. I regard it as a sort of community-service. You do a
certain amount of it, and, when you have, then you've done your part,
and you're done.

And, when you've done your part, what anyone else does, or doesn't do,
isn't your problem or your concern. Doing one's own part is the thing.

And, as I said, though the human social situation is likely to be
quite hopeless, I've been doing voting systems anyway, just for fun,
as I said.

And I'm not contradicting myself when I say that I'm not optimistic
about the world's future, but I advise people to vote optimistically.
As I said, for voting to make any sense at all, to have any
justification for voting at all, one should vote optimistically.
That's inherent in Approval's general strategy--the strategy of
approving the candidates who are better-than-expectation. The results
reflect the optimism or pessimism.by which people vote.

This isn't necessarily a final posting. I might post one or a few more
messages. This is just a retraction of a few careless and false
statements that I made in my earlier post, about 5 and a quarter hours
before this posting.

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