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Hi! I hope this post gets put in the right thread. 1. I live in Sweden, but am interested in voting systems all over the world.2. I do not do twitter - I detest trying to shoehorn complex ideas into 150 characters. I do not even read twitter.3. I think that plurality is the worst possible of the voting systems that do not involve randomness, except for antiplurality voting.4. I have been checking in the electowiki archives once in a blue moon for some time, and finally decided to subscribe.5. I follow another discussion board, which has a "politics" subfolder. In it, board members (who were attracted to the board not due to its politics, but due to it being the by far larget discussion board covering its topic, a sport) discuss politics, usually from an American POV. The board members would from time to time lament on this or that pathology of the US. political system. I, as one of the few board members from a country that uses proportional representation, pointed out - repeatedly - that they were due to the pathologies inherent of FPTP, and the behaviors that it engenders among the politicians who work within its framework. I wrote about other election systems, their characteristics, and different types of pathologies as a public education mission. I had very limited sucess in getting people to think in new ways, which frustrated me greatly. Considering that the sport that the discussion board is all about strongly selects for brains (dumb people simply can not get any more than quite limited success in the sport, no matter how good physical specimens they are), this made me even more disheartened. I have therefore decided to greatly tone down my public education efforts on that board, and to find a hopefully more receptive group of people.6. I am interested in all sorts of voting systems, though single-winner more that multiwinner. I am also planning to present an idea on a voting system for TV voting events that is resistant to multiple-voting efforts by fans that phone in many times, without the system having to indentify the voters who vote/phone in multiple times. I also have a bunch of other ideas on various voting system topics that I am planning to put up on the board so that fresh eyes can tear them down if they have any holes in them that I have overlooked.7. I have not seen any (not that I have looked for it all that studiously) FAQ being reposted. What is the best way of knowing whether a topic has been flogged to death before one posts on it yet again?
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I don't believe there is a standard way to introduce yourself, yet; but I think there should be. So: welcome to the list! What I'd like to know about you  and other newbies is:-What country or countries are you involved in?

-What's your twitter handle if any? (Mine, for voting-related matters, is bettercount_us).-Any comments on your positions on voting methods? Favorite method, more interested in single/multi winner, more interested in rated/ranked methods, etc.

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