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Jameson Quinn jameson.quinn at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 04:08:26 PDT 2012

I don't believe there is a standard way to introduce yourself, yet; but I
think there should be. So: welcome to the list! What I'd like to know about
you  and other newbies is:
-What country or countries are you involved in?
-What's your twitter handle if any? (Mine, for voting-related matters, is
-Any comments on your positions on voting methods? Favorite method, more
interested in single/multi winner, more interested in rated/ranked methods,


2012/3/12 Peter Gustafsson <miningphd at hotmail.com>

>  Hi!
> I have read some archived discussions before, but this is my first post. I
> have not yet seen any post in which a newbie introduces himself, so I do
> not know the etiquette for doing that on this list. If there are any formal
> (or unformal) rules pertaining to that for this list, I would be most
> grateful if I were directed to them.
> Yours,
> Nordic Voting Nerd
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