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You wrote:
Yes, that could work for Democrats and those who don't want to vote for 
the lesser evil. The poll does seem to have a rather large number of 
people who go "this is a liberal plot to swindle the election from us", 


the "tribalist counting 
coup" guys who are going "okay, I know Approval is a Democrat plot


I think that the best answer to that "Democrat plot" argument is to say:

"Republicans have lost elections because of non-Republican conservative spoilers.
Only you can say whether you consider that important, and a reason for you to support
Approval. I can't speak to that issue. Of course you're welcome to support Approval if
the answer is yes.

"What I can tell you is that many, many Democrat voters report that they're holding their
nose to vote for a "lesser-of-2-evils", whom they don't really like or want. There are a lot
of such people. If they, and only they, want to be able to approve the candidates whom they 
like better than their distasteful compromise, including their favorites,
and if they therefore support Approval, that will be enough.

"No, I'm not favoring the Democrat voters. I'm just frankly stating that they're likely to
be Approval's best customers."

Approval will benefit those who suffer the worst from Plurality's faults. If that's the Democrat
voters, then the Republicans won't like Approval. That can't be helped. 

As for the 0-info angry-noises posts at SodaHead, with their incoherent Approval opposition,
one possibility would be to ignore them. The other would be to calmly and politely answer their
objections as if those objections were seriously-meant.

Mike Ossipoff
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