[EM] Popularization article (in French) about the mathematics of democraty

Rémi Peyre Remi.Peyre at iecn.u-nancy.fr
Tue Mar 13 16:09:59 PDT 2012

Hi everyone,

As announced a few months ago, I have been writing a popularization 
article about the mathematics of democraty for a web-based French free 
journal called /Images des Mathématiques/.

It may interest some of you (among those who can read French, I mean;-)) 
to take a glimpse on this work. To this end, I have put a copy on the 
article on my personal website:
For the time being, this article is in its refereeing process, so, if 
you have any comments to make, /whatever they may be/, do not hesitate 
to send them to me: I would take them with much interest!

I mention that this article is intended to be accessible to everyone, 
except for the parts labelled «piste bleue» (which may require a little 
knowledge in mathematics), «piste rouge» (which require roughly a basic 
high-school level), «piste noire» (which are too hard for high school 
students, but should remain accessible to young university students in 
mathematics) and «hors piste» (almost only understandible by 
professional mathematicians).

I also mention that this article is planned to be the first one of a 
series of three (but the two later articles may take still much 
time...), the second planned article being devoted to the Condorcet 
criterion and the third one to some voting methods suggested by 
mathematical theories (approval voting and voting by two-players game 
Nash equilibria [following an idea by Myerson]).

Kind regards,
Rémi Peyre

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