[EM] Conceiving a Democratic Electoral Process

Michael Allan mike at zelea.com
Fri Jul 13 01:15:52 PDT 2012

Hi Fred,

I posted my proposal separately.  Let me know what you think.

It should be compatible with Practical Democracy/triads and all other
methods, too.  If it works, it should enable electoral innovation
across the board.

Michael Allan

Toronto, +1 416-699-9528

Fred Gohlke said:
> Good Afternoon, Michael
> re: "The public may include partisans, of course, but they would
>       vote together with everyone else when it comes to public
>       decisions.  That's the crucial thing."
> I agree that it's a crucial issue, but, as far as this discussion has 
> advanced, we've yet to suggest a method by which it can be done.  One of 
> the problems is that people motivated to political action are partisan, 
> but they are a relatively small part of the electorate.  The 
> non-partisans, virtually by definition, tend to not be politically 
> active.  That does not mean they have no political interest or concern. 
>   They do, but there is no viable 'good government' party they can 
> support.  So, while they should be the greatest voice in the conduct of 
> our government, they are forced to stand mute because parties dominate 
> the political scene.  That is the crux of the matter.
> I feel, like you, that our electoral method must embrace the entire 
> electorate.  Those who don't wish to participate must be allowed to drop 
> out, but everyone else must have a way to provide meaningful input into 
> the choice of the people's representatives in their legislature.
> Fred

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