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>> dlw: nope, I'm pushing for a package that'll result
> You mean, "that'll probably/arguably/usually result", which is not the
> same thing at all.

It is what is.  There are no certainties in politics or electoral reform,
other than that someone will game the system and someone will find
something that can be construed as a flaw in any system.

And we see this already emerging in the US,
I think in the next four years, there'll be a different center-right and
maybe center-left major parties in the US, due to the exacerbation of the
major fault line in the GOP in this coming year.  It will be much better,
especially if we push hard for the strategic use of PR and replacement of
FPTP thru the paths of least resistance.

>> in there tending to be two rather different major parties held
>> accountable by an indefinite no. of minor parties and a lot of LTPs.  I
>> believe that the  problem isn't the tendency for there to be 2 major
>> parties, but rather the tendency for there to be only one major party and a
>> stagnant center.
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