[EM] Brief Comment on IRV debate

robert bristow-johnson rbj at audioimagination.com
Fri Jan 20 14:16:50 PST 2012

sorry, guys, i don't have time to write much now (but i will try to 
tonight).  but similar to the repeal vote in 2010, and similar to the 
two-party system, i feel that the choice you're offering (SODA vs. IRV3) 
is a choice between Dumb and Dumber.  we need a decent ranked ballot so 
that we are not forced into that choice (and i thought your automobile 
brand analogy was nice Jameson).

actually, i'm working (volunteer) in the mayoral race right now (for the 
Dem).  the Progs haven't yet nominated a candidate and, when we thought 
they might (Dec 13), they put it off until the day after tomorrow.  but 
a 3rd candidate has emerged (Wanda Hines, go to the burlington free 
press and look her up) who will appeal to the Prog base more than either 
the Dem or GOP.  so, for the very first election after IRV is repealed, 
we may have a good test case, post-IRV.  we may very well get a Mayor 
41% and if we do, i'm gonna take that fact and bonk it over the heads of 
some DINOs that were opposed to IRV and also against the majority rule 
question we slipped in a year later.

folks, there is much to report from the front here and i'll try to keep 
you updated.



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