[EM] Sortition and the Delegable Proxy system

Bryan Mills bmills at alumni.cmu.edu
Mon Jan 23 22:28:36 PST 2012

I've been looking at a voting system over the past week or so that I
think is really interesting: a combination of the "delegable proxy"
system with a sortition procedure to elect a standing legislature.

My objective is to find a way to use conventional voting
infrastructure to elect a proportional legislature of bounded size by
strategy-free means.  I'm not yet 100% certain whether the system
actually is strategy-free; I think it is but I haven't yet found a
proof.  (It's non-deterministic, so I don't think it runs afoul of
Arrow or Gibbard–Satterthwaite but proportionality is only

I can't imagine that I'm the first to examine this system, but I
haven't found it in any of the voting literature I've read so far
(most of Voting Matters and part of the Electowiki).  My own writeup
can be found at

Any direct insight or pointers to relevant documents would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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