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This is a test, to find out if I can get rid of the run-on lines by re-typing the posting with automatic linebreaks at the right margin instead of using the carriage-return. But does that mean that if I try to make a paragraph division, I'll instead end up with an endless line? Sorry, but I'm having difficulty sending readable e-mail wth my new computer system. Now let's try a paragraph and find out if that works: I'm copying the posting here, and will then rewrite it without the carriage-returns. What is sent will be the verion without the carriage-returns.(except for new paragraphs). One problem is that the "zoom" scale keeps changing, which could make nonsense of the automatic linebreaks. SODA can be described to someone in a brief way that people accept. In a recent convefrsation, I described SODA, and the person considered it acceptable. You're specifying the rules in too much detail. The initiative street-descrliption needn't be legal language, though that should be available upon request. Likewise, for the computer program of MTAOC, MCAOC and AOC.
So here's how I described SODA to that person: It's like Approval, but, if you vote only for one person, you can optionally check a box indicating that you want that candidate to be able to add approval votes to your ballot on your behalf if s/he doesn't win. S/he will have previously published a ranking of candidates to indicate the order in which s/he would give such designated approvals. 
That's it. That brief descriptionl tells how the method works.
As I said yesterday, it seems to me that it would be much more publicly-accepable if the default assumption is non-delegation. If someone wants to delegate, they can check the box. I'd better send this before the system finds a way to mess it up more, or freeze the computer, etc. (more when I can fix the remaining run-on lines in the posting) Mike Ossipoff. 
more complicated than Approval.  Of course sometimes you only have time to mention Approval.
(The problem causing the lack of linebreaks was probably opposite to what I'd believed it was. I should make sure that I let my text editor do the linebreaks automatically. That will probably be more l ikely to be transmitted in e-mail than my carriage-return
Mike Ossipoff
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