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Fri Jan 13 10:52:33 PST 2012

I said that there's no justification to propose or use a method any more complicated than Approval, unless
it avoids the co-operation/defection problem.

MTA and MCA both elect B in the Approval bad-example.

It seems to me that, due to some advantage, I decided that I'd vote by MCAOC voting instead of MTAOC voting in an Approval
election among the 7 parties that I nominated. But, because I'd like to use more than 3 rank-positions, provided that
AERLO is available, I'd use AOCBucklin instead of either in that election.

Without AERLO, strategy becomes much less reliable and knowable with more than 3 slots.

As I said, I'm not sure whether or not AERLO spoils FBC-compliance, but I nevertheless suggest having
it as an option in the poll, and I will use it, if the poll happens. 

But, if AERLO spoils FBC-compliance, I wouldn't propose it publicly.

Mike Ossipoff
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