[EM] MMPO with sum of disapprovals as an oppposition

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Yes, that method avoids the co-operation/defection problem in the standard Approval bad-example,
and it also avoids MMPO's criticism vulnerability by Kevin's MMPO bad-example.

And it's a lot simpler than the methods that use tie-at-top pairwise comparisons. That makes it easier to propose
than they are, and also makes it easier to test its properties.

Now it just remains to find out if it _always_ avoids the co-operation/defection problem. Can a situation be
devised in which it doesn't avoid that problem?

If not, then MMPO with the sum of disapprovals as an opposition is a better proposal than the tied-at-top
methods. When proposability is taken into account, it's the only rival to the conditional methods.

MMPO was the first FBC/ABE method we at EM knew of, and has a big simplicity advantage. In my conversations
with people unfamiliar with voting systems, Tied-at-Top-Covered-Disqualification-Top didn't pass the definition-
brevity test, but MMPO did. Adding "Everyone who doesn't rank a candidate is counted together as if they'd all
ranked the same candidate over hir" doesn't add significant wordiness.

Mike Ossipoff
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