[EM] I retract the posting about changing MTAOC conditionality. Answering a criticicism.

MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 9 08:50:39 PST 2012

MTAOC conditionality doesn't need the change that I suggested in a post a few minutes ago.

I'd believed that there'd be a problem if (in the ABE) the number of A voters + B voters
was odd. But that isn't so. If middle(x,y) is even one greater than middle(y,x), then saying
par(x,y) = "no" is consistent with the method's intent.

So I'm leaving MTAOC conditionality as it was, and retracting the "fix" that I posted
a few minutes ago.

By the way, someone objected to conditionality by mutuality, but any FBC/ABE method
that elects C in the Approval bad-example is effectively doing the same as that. That
includes the FBC/ABE proposal posted by the poster who objected to conditionality by mutuality.

Mike Ossipoff

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