[EM] Perspective on FBC/ABE methods, conditional methods in particular.

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Fri Jan 6 11:56:35 PST 2012

Mono-Add-Plump is just a way of saying: There should be no such thing as self-defeating voting. That would be nice, if achieved by proposably-brief
FBC/ABE methods.
If anyone objects to MMT's Mono-Add-Plump failure, which merely amounts to lack of protection for poor, self-defeating, strategy; or if anyone objects to the
optional mutuality-requirement available in MTAOC and AOC, one answer is: 

If that's  the worst strategic criticism that you can make for these methods, then maybe you should compare it to the strategy problems of methods that 
you like more. If that's the worst thing about these methods, then consider that in the light of other methods' strategy problems.

Another thing that some critics might have missed: In AOC, MTAOC, MCAOC and AOCBucklin, the mutuality-requirement is optional. You can
make a middle-rating conditional, or not, as you choose. 

Can you legitimately criticize it if it's an option? Each person's voting power is hir own. Each person's approval of any particular candidate is hir own. 
Shouldn't s/he be able to give it when and if s/he chooses? 

Regarding the methods listed in the paragraph before previous, is there a valid objection to allowing those ways of voting, ways of using one's
approvals, in an Approval election?

Mike Ossipoff

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