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Um, the McCain/Obama endorsements are very old news – for instance, it's
from before either MJ or SODA even existed. (I know in the latter case
that's not saying much, nor am I claiming that Obama would be more likely
to endorse SODA today, I'm just saying that there are two systems today
that I consider reasonably well-explored and better than what existed
previously, that didn't exist over in the early 2000s when Obama endorsed

2012/2/22 David L Wetzell <wetzelld at gmail.com>

> Steve Pond:
> http://www.thewrap.com/awards/column-post/oscar-voting-now-passions-got-nothing-do-it-35468?page=0,0
> The P of irv is on the rise, in addition to with the endorsement of Barack
> Obama as highlighted in Rob Richies editorial in the NYTimes, and we're not
> likely to change that in a way that similarly raises the P of *one *
> alternative.
>  dlw
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