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Kevin Venzke stepjak at yahoo.fr
Sun Feb 19 19:44:06 PST 2012

(I've figured out how to quote since my last comment on that. I have no idea
why quoting a message is merely an option...)

----- Mail original ----- (Richard wrote)
> Unfortunately none of the third parties in the U.S. are understanding this 
> opportunity.  The "leaders" at the top of those third parties are more 
> concerned about maintaining their control than representing frustrated voters.

I don't think that any parties so at odds with the Democrats or Republicans
that they can't run under those labels, are the parties we are looking for.
I think that if, under whatever rules were in place, there were room for three
contenders in an election, you would find not-too-unfamiliar-looking candidates
taking the third spot and trying to beat the Ds and Rs. With this situation, it
is at least possible that a general viewpoint (about as coherent as those of
the Ds and Rs) would come together and allow a third "party" including a label
for it.

It isn't obvious that a three-way race will still fight over the center though.
I am interested to study this, but it seems very hard to study voter strategy
and nomination strategy at the same time.

If party discipline were strengthened (though I can't imagine how that would
happen) I expect it would force some current Ds and Rs to leave and form new
minor parties. But I don't think this in itself would benefit voters much. I
think it would mean for many that there is even less of a real choice.


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