[EM] STV vs Party-list PR, could context matter?

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I do favor having more than two parties, but I don't see how three (or more) strong parties can be accommodated until after Congress and state legislatures use voting methods that are compatible with more than two parties.

Do you have real world examples in mind here? Have you looked at assemblies, to which no executive is responsible, that are elected by party list or that
for some other reason have multiple parties?

I have trouble imagining that this is a major issue. Congressional rules based on the assumptions of there being two parties aren't in the U.S. constitution.
They can be changed. But they definitely won't see revisions until there is a need to revise them!

I think I might agree with you to some extent, in that I don't really care how many party labels there are. Whether there are two, three, ten, or zero, doesn't
tell me much of anything by itself.

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