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Hi Robert,
Suppose there are four candidates ABCD. B beats A with strength of 10. C beats D with strength
of 20. With strength of 30, A beats C, B beats C, D beats A, and D beats B. Then every candidate
has a path to every other candidate, and the best path from A to B or from B to A involves traversing 
the C>D win (which is the weakest link in those paths).

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On 2/17/12 1:27 PM, Markus Schulze wrote:
> it can happen that the weakest link in the strongest path
> from candidate A to candidate B and the weakest link in the
> strongest path from candidate B to candidate A is the same link,
> say CD.

how can that be?  since a path is a *defeat* path.  you only traverse a beatpath from a candidate who beats the next candidate in the path.

is it that candidates C and D are exactly tied?  other than that, i cannot understand how the weakest link from A to B can be the same as *any* link from B to A.

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