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2012/2/7 MIKE OSSIPOFF <nkklrp at hotmail.com>

>  Kristofer:
> You say that MJ and RV are the methods to propose because they're the ones
> that meet the two criteria you defined.
> Have you demonstrated that they're the only ones?
> What about Approval? It's simpler. Simpler to define, implement and vote.
> And supplementable by the conditionality options that I've
> described, to get rid of the co-operation/defection problem.
> Your reply regarding MJ seemed basically to be saying that maybe you won't
> regret voting sincerely in MJ. That's great if you like "maybe".
> When you say that some will rate sincerely, you're moving the topic to
> psychology. And I like the way you guys like to theorize about how people
> would vote, while declining to find out what voting is like in the various
> proposed methods, via a poll.

I am engaged in exactly this research through mturk. I will let the list
know when I have worthwhile results.

> But maybe you're right. Maybe in MJ some would rate sincerely and some
> would, instead, voting in their best interest.
> Whether that is good or bad depends on whether the suckers are your
> co-factionalists or mine.

In the chicken dilemma, "suckers" tend to be good for the society as a


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