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For a start, please configure your mail client to send plain-text or
plain-text + HTML; HTML-only doesn't show up in the digest and then I have
to post-process it to quote it.

> given that US law requires single-winner FPTP

> elections for federal representation and the major parties (who

> control the legislature and benefit greatly from FPTP) have no

> incentive to change that law.

> [Ken B.]  That is incorrect; I know of no such law.  Each state
> can specify its own method of electing its federal
> representatives.
> (If there is such a federal law, please cite it.)

Single-winner is required by 2 USC Sec. 2c:

> [...] there shall be established by law a number of
> districts equal to the number of Representatives to which such
> State is so entitled, and Representatives shall be elected only
> from districts so established, no district to elect more than one
> Representative [...]

I can't find a proper citation for requiring FPTP in the source where I saw
it; that part may be mistaken.  So that might might admit the possibility
of using an alternative single-winner method within districts, but it's not
at all clear to me that that would help significantly given the
susceptibility of single-winner districts to gerrymandering.
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