[EM] Is Helios online voting secure?

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Wed Feb 22 19:57:18 PST 2012

Below is a quote from Ben Adida, creator of Helios.

    We now have documented evidence ...that viruses like Stuxnet that
corrupt nuclear power plants by spreading from one Windows machine to
the other have been built. And so if you run a very large scale
election for a president of a G8 country, why wouldn’t we see a
similar scenario? Certainly, it’s worth just as much money; it’s worth
just as much strategically. . . . All the verifiability doesn’t change
the fact that a client side corruption in my browser can flip my vote
even before it’s encrypted, and if we . . . must have a lot of voters
verify their process, I think we’re going to lose, because most voters
don’t quite do that yet.

- Adida, Ben. 2011. Panelist remarks – Internet voting panel.
EVT/WOTE’11, the Electronic Voting Tech. Workshop / Workshop on
Trustworthy Elections. Aug. 9, 2011. URL http://www.usenix.

The above quote on Helios was sent to me from Barbara Simons,
coauthor, with another computer scientists Doug Jones of an upcoming
very well-researched and well-written book: "Broken Ballots: Will Your
Vote Count?"  The book will be published by April 15th approx.


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