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I don't oppose MJ. I like Approval, and MJ is Approval. ....

That's the obvious first improvement on Approval. Sure, MTA, MCA & ABucklin improve on Approval too, slightly, by adding
more levels of majority-rule protection. 
MJ is a Bucklin method too, and has exactly the same "levels of majority-rule protection" as these other methods.


1. But my point was that Bucklin's improvement over Approval is insignificant compared to that of Optionally-Conditional-Approval (AOC),
MTAOC, MCAOC, and AOCBucklin.

2. So you're saying that if we count an MJ election by ABucklin as well (we infer each ballots ranking from the order of its ratings),
the two methods will always get another answer?

Can the result of an MJ election be changed by altering a ballot without changing the order of its ratings of the candidates? If so,
then how can the answer to the previous paragraph's question be "Yes"?

Mike Ossipoff

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