[EM] Something that can happen in SODA

MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 16 13:23:30 PST 2012

Say the method is SODA.

Say your favorite, F, is going to win the initial, ballots-only, Approval count, under sincere voting. 

The runner-up, G, has some (from your viewpoint) not-as-good-as-G candidates at the top of hir ranking for delegated approvals.

(There's nothing unusual or unlikely about that. A big-votegetting compromise can have some preferences that
many don't like as much)

Because F wins, G doesn't win. Therefore, s/he gives hir delegated approvals to some of hir higher-ranked candidates.

One of them wins as a result.

But if you had voted for G, but but not for F, then G would have won, instead of the worse candidates in hir ranking.

If you'd buried your favorite, you would have gotten a better outcome, not gettable by you in any other way.

Mike Ossipoff

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