[EM] Real-world examples of chicken dilemma?

Jameson Quinn jameson.quinn at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 11:46:23 PST 2012

As I've said before, I'm writing a paper on SODA and the chicken dilemma.
I'd appreciate any real-world examples of the dilemma. Obviously, since a
true chicken dilemma is not possible with either plurality, runoffs, or
IRV, I'm looking for cases that arguably would have been a chicken dilemma
under approval. That means that the two "vote splitting" factions would
almost certainly have clearly preferred each other to the opposing faction,
but there was still enough bad blood and a close enough balance that they
could easily have failed to cooperate. I'd say HI-01-2010 qualifies as a
good example; US-Pres-2000 doesn't, because many of the Nader voters
affirmed that they would not have voted for Gore, and anyway, Gore won both
the popular vote and the most self-consistent counts of Florida.

So, any examples not present on
be appreciated.

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