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You say that MJ and RV are the methods to propose because they're the ones that meet the two criteria you defined.

Have you demonstrated that they're the only ones?

What about Approval? It's simpler. Simpler to define, implement and vote. And supplementable by the conditionality options that I've
described, to get rid of the co-operation/defection problem.

Your reply regarding MJ seemed basically to be saying that maybe you won't regret voting sincerely in MJ. That's great if you like "maybe".

When you say that some will rate sincerely, you're moving the topic to psychology. And I like the way you guys like to theorize about how people
would vote, while declining to find out what voting is like in the various proposed methods, via a poll.

But maybe you're right. Maybe in MJ some would rate sincerely and some would, instead, voting in their best interest.

Whether that is good or bad depends on whether the suckers are your co-factionalists or mine.

Mike Ossipoff
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