[EM] "Semi-honest criterion"?

Jameson Quinn jameson.quinn at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 11:27:14 PST 2012

Is there a name for the voting system criterion which guarantees that, with
perfect information, there will always be an optimal semi-honest strategy?
This is related to Kristofer's recent message where he pointed out that any
voting system which met the following two criteria:

- Per-candidate monotonicity: If you increase (decrease) the rating of
candidate X, holding all other candidate scores constant, that will never
reduce (increase) X's chance of winning.
- Per-candidate independence: Raising or lowering X's score while holding
other scores constant never makes the winner turn from A to B (for some
pair of other candidates {A, B}).

... has an optimal approval-style strategy. I'd additionally point out that
the optimal strategy is semi-honest.

I'd appreciate any literature references people could give me on this
topic, as I'd like to include discussion of this in the paper I'm currently
writing, but since it's not central to my paper, I only have room to
include this if I don't have to get distracted by proving the relevant
lemmas (or at least, I'd prefer not to have to, even though I know the
proofs are relatively simple). Basically, I want to be able to say
"Criteria like LNHarm, LNHelp, FBC, SFC, and XXXXX are particularly useful,
because by giving a strategic guarantee to the voters, they can cut down
not just on effective strategy but also on strategic misfires."


ps. I'd love it if more EM regulars joined Quora <http://www.quora.com> (a
question and answer site I like), so that I could ask you folk questions
like this there. I think that a lot of the discussion on this list could
effectively happen on Quora, and that all but the most highly technical
parts of the discussion here would get a wider audience if they happened
over there. If anyone here does/has join(ed) Quora, let me know, and I'll
happily follow you.
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