[EM] “¡One can introduce advanced voting systems to ponies, but one cannot make the ponies implement the advanced voting systems!”

⸘Ŭalabio‽ Walabio at MacOSX.Com
Wed Dec 5 23:03:34 PST 2012

	2012-12-05T19:48:10Z, “Michael Ossipoff” <Email9648742 at Gmail.Com>:

> 	As I understand the rankings in your posting, you have three voters who voted among six "candidates".

	I simplified it so that is not strictly true, but, in a nut-shell, these voters use bad voting systems and them complain about the bad nonsensical results they get.  I suggest better voting systems, but these ponies are as stubborn as mules.

> 	No candidate is ranked in more than one ranking.

	Not strictly true, but everypony can see that the results are bad and nonsensical.

> 	The election can only be a 3-way tie among the three candidates that are top-ranked on the three ballots.

	Yes, ties and bad nonsensical results.

> 	(What I'm saying here is based on the information in your posting.  Maybe the website you referred to would give different information, yielding different results)

	Basically, yes.  Somewhere in here is a lesson about advocacy of electoral reform.  Unfortunately, I cannot find it.  It is not the 1 about outsiders trying to tell strangers how to live their lives (I am a member of this group).  I do not know where my mistake is.  If we could figure out this, we could be better advocates of electoral reform.  To quote Ditzy Doo:

	“¡I just don’t know what went wrong!”
	Ditzy Doo

> 	Mike Ossipoff


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