[EM] Second (and higher)-order methods?

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I think you misunderstood.

If I have to rank the 31 baskin-robbins flavors 1 to 31, it is difficult.
I'd get tired of the exercise after about the 5th choice and whatever you
infer from my 6th-31st choice is based upon unreliable data.

If you ask me successively whether I like flavor A better than flavor B for
all 465 pairs it is easy for me to pick one or the other.  

All I'm suggesting is that if you ask me to rank them 1-31 and then try and
infer from that how I WOULD HAVE put 1's and 0's into a pairwise matrix had
I made pairwise-choices you'll probably get it wrong because I didn't
construct the 1-31 list that way. If you asked me the 465 separate
questions, you wouldn't have to infer anything.

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On 4/30/12 5:11 PM, Paul Kislanko wrote:
> I always thought the "Condorcet is like a round-robin athletic 
> tournament" analogy was weak, because individual voters don't get to 
> go through the round-robin and make their pairwise preferences 
> explicit. (As a voter, I'd find a "better/worse" pairwise choice for 
> all pairs easier than filling out a ranked ballot, ...

Paul, I find it difficult to understand how you, as an individual, can make
a set of explicit pair preferences without it being equivalent to a ranked
ballot. an individual is not an entire electorate. it's not multiple
personality disorder if it's multiple persons. an entire electorate can
create a condorcet cycle but i just don't understand how a single voter can.
if you like A better than B and B better than C, you like A better than C,

then i can't see the issue of deriving pairwise preference from ranking or
the inverse. it shouldn't matter.

or should we allow for cyclical preferences in a single ballot?


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