[EM] Who can sign the declaration?

Richard Fobes ElectionMethods at VoteFair.org
Fri Apr 6 10:14:31 PDT 2012

Mike Ossipoff,

I have added your name to the list of signatures, both at the original 
Google Docs document and on this website page:


I, or Jameson Quinn, can move your name to the list of signatures that 
include credentials, but we need you to supply (here in a forum message) 
the additional information needed.

As for credentials, participation in this forum is sufficient, but if 
you have any academic degree you can specify that instead (or, if it 
fits, in addition).

Other alternatives for signing the Declaration are explained at the 
above URL.

Thanks for signing!

Richard Fobes

On 4/5/2012 11:50 AM, MIKE OSSIPOFF wrote:
> The only reason why I haven't signed the declaration is because I've
> assumed that it's only for celebrities, dignitaries and
> offically-annointed authorities.
> is that so?
> If anyone can sign the declaration, then I'd like to.
> So, my 2nd question in this post is: If anyone can sign the declaration,
> then how does one sign it. Where does one e-mail to, or what website
> does one go to?
> The declaration, as I remember, favorably mentions or recommends 5
> methods (with the understanding that there could be other good ones):
> Approval
> Range or Score Voting
> Majority Judgement (median point totals)
> SODA (simple optionally delegated Approval)
> The 1st four of those really effectively amount to Approval,
> differently-implemented, or with an enhancement. IRV would be a perfectly
> ok method if voters weren't so timid and giveaway-resigned (but they
> are). So that set of recommendations is a quite good one, and I thoroughly
> support the declaration.
> So, can just anyone sign it, without being an officially-recognized
> authority, celebrity or dignitary? And, if so, how does one sign it?
> Mike Ossipoff
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