[EM] Version 2: Without the word "alone"

Michael Ossipoff email9648742 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 12:20:26 PDT 2012

Version 2 of Intermediate FBC omits the word "alone" from the Requirement
section. I call that Intermediate FBC-2.

That makes the criterion stronger, more demanding. So I'm proposing two
versions of Intermediate FBC:

1, Intermediate FBC
2. Intermediate FBC-2

I expect that all of the methods that I've called FBC-complying methods,
because they meet FBC (also called Weak FBC)
also meet Intermediate FBC-2, the stronger Intermediate FBC.

Maybe they meet Strong FBC. I don't know. Anyone is welcome to say
something about which methods that meet Weak FBC
also meet Strong FBC.

I emphasize that what I've already been saying about FBC compliance, all
this time, is sufficient for my purposes, regarding the
suitability of methods for public elections, given the electorate that we
have now.

Mike Ossipoff
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