[EM] An Intermediate FBC more in keeping with Weak and Strong FBCs

Michael Ossipoff email9648742 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 00:17:26 PDT 2012

I emphasize that these tentatively-defined stronger FBCs aren't really
needed. The weaker FBC that I've been defining and using is enough to
distinguish the seriously-failing methods. The methods that pass don't run
afoul of Kristofer's question about "how simple the non-betrayal
is".  Still, it would be nice to specify that simple non-betrayal. That's
the purpose of these tentative definition-attempts of Intermediate FBCs.

A tentative possible Intermediate FBC definition more similar to the Weak
and Strong FBC definitions that I've
just now posted.

Intermediate FBC-2

A method meets Intermediate FBC-2 if it isn't posible to contrive a
configuration of candidates, voters
and ballots of all voters other than voter V, such that V can gain a result
by voting someone over hir
favorite, that is better in comparison to the results s/he could
get by every one of the ways s/he could vote, subject only to
the condition that she votes some other particular candidate(s), along with
hir favorite, in 1st place, and votes some other particular set of
candidates, and only them, at bottom.

[end of Intermediate FBC-2 definition]

Again, I can't guarantee that this works as intended. It's tentative. If
it's what I intend, though, all of the methods that
I call FBC methods meet it.

Mike Ossipoff
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