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Hello everyone,
Sorry for my delay in writing this, I made a mistake signing up and it took me a week to realize it.  I have now read a lot of the forum discussions and I am very happy that you all seem interested in getting your message out there.  We really want as many articles about election reform as we can get especially from your group of election experts.  

If I follow the consensus correctly, you want to post the articles on the forum before publishing so everyone can take a look.  This works fine for me.  I am going to come up with an introduction for Mr. Fobes' answers to the interview questions and I will post it to the forum. 

If anyone has any questions or comments, please feel free to email me at the address below.  Mike Ossipoff already posted to the forum an article that he would like to see on the website.  If anyone else feels they would like to write their own articles about democracy for the website, that would be fantastic.  We are expanding and currently looking for help from people with different viewpoints.  I really would like to give readers a feel for the debate that you are having about election methodology.  People want a better government and it is time for reform.

Mr. Ossipoff - Feel free to email me about your article.  We are absolutely thrilled with your writing and subject matter.    
Keep an eye out on Democracy Chronicles for the first article to be published.  I plan to publish the interviews soon after in the following order:
	* Richard Fobes (my first contact)

	* Michael Allan
	* Robert Bristow-Johnson
	* Andrew Jennings
	* Mike Ossipoff
	*  Jameson Quinn

	* Stéphane
Thanks everyone for all your help!  I look forward to hearing from you!


Adrian Tawfik

adriantawfik at yahoo.com

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