[EM] A modification to Condorcet so that one can vote against monsters.

⸘Ŭalabio‽ Walabio at MacOSX.Com
Sat Apr 14 00:45:05 PDT 2012


	¿How fare you?

	It is tedious to rank hundreds of candidates, but sometimes monster is on the ballot and all unranked candidates are last.  If the field is so polarized that the voters idiotically refuse to rank other serious candidates other than their candidate and the evil candidate has followers, the bad candidate might win.  I suggest that Condorcet should have a dummy-candidate:

	0	The ranked candidates.
	1	The unranked candidates.
	2	The dummy-canditate.
	3	The monsters.

	All unranked candidates have higher ranks than the monsters.  One can then rank the monsters by how terrible they are.

	Basically, it is a way to vote against monsters in Condorcet without having to rank all of the hundreds of also-rans.



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