[EM] Answers regarding claim about Approval's enact-ability

Michael Ossipoff mikeo2106 at msn.com
Fri Apr 13 10:57:00 PDT 2012


No one can fault you for being busy.

But, I would just humbly suggest that, if you're too busy to support a statement that you make,
it would be great if you could also be too busy to _make_ the statement.

Remember that the EM guidelines ask that we be prepared to support our statements.

Mike Ossipoff


I'm sorry--I didn't mean to imply that I request my e-mail address to be in my signature. I've noticed
that none of the other signatures contain an e-mail address. When I found my e-mail address in the suggested short-version,
I left it in my own improved short version, thinking that it must be a standard feature that I hadn't noticed
present in the others. Then I noticed that it isn't in the others. Removing my e-mail address would make
my signature more in line with the others, in addition to improving its brevity. 

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