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MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 10 11:46:23 PDT 2012

Hi Richard--

You wrote:

Because you are not supplying your brief "signature" in the specified 
format, I (and presumably Jameson) must assume that you do not want your 
named moved to the credentialed section of the Declaration.

(I don't understand your choice, but I respect your choice.)


I just was worried that, because I don't have a degree or a professional position,
my inclusion could lower the credibility of the credentialed-signature section. If that
isn't felt to be a concern, though, then I _would_ like to move my signature to that section,
partly because it would mean that there will be an additional approvalist in that section.

And, as for the impression made on people outside the voting-system reform community, it
would count as another indication that people who have longtime experience in this subject
agree that change is needed.

So now I _would_ like to move my signature to the credentialed section.

Feel free to shorten this signature as needed, leaving out, if necessary, whichever part seems
least needed. ...Or otherwise modify it for length or appropriateness.

I'd suggest, if something must be left out, to shorten the signature, then leave out the part "introducer
of a popular family of voting systems".

My signature:

Mike Ossipoff; longtime participant in discussion of voting systems and their strategy & criteria;
proposer of and a founding member of election-methods forum; introducer of a popular family of voting
systems; advocates Approval, with its favorite-protection, unique result-optimizations and clear, simple
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