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Tue Nov 29 12:17:50 PST 2011

To say that IRV fails FBC is an understatement.

IRV fails FBC with a vengeance.

IRV thereby makes a joke any election in which it is used.

As I've already said, all it takes is for favoriteness-support to taper moderately gradually away from the middle, something
that is hardly unusual. Eliminations from the extremes will send transfers inward to feed the candidates flanking a middle CW,
resulting in hir elimination.

If you think that you likely need a compromise to beat someone worse, then you had better vote hir in 1st place, burying
your favorite, lest your favorite eliminate your compromise and then lose to someone worse than the compromise.

This would be observed in a quite high percentage of IRV elections if the relevant information were disclosed in the
election results report.

And the attempts of IRVists to evade or excuse its precinct-non-countability testify only to their determination to try to defend IRV regardless
of what contortions that defense requires.

And no, I don't claim that all of the methods that I like and propose are precinct-countable. But precinct-countability remains
a significant advantage of Approval over IRV.

If I propose a method that isn't precinct countable, then I had better show some reason why it's very good. 

Mike Ossipoff

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