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Google turned up this description of the Swiss electoral system:


I haven't seen this website before. The rest of it looks pretty basic.

--Bob Richard

James Gilmour wrote:
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>> On Tue, Mar 23, 2010 at 12:08 AM, James Gilmour 
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>>> In the (much) more complicated Swiss system, the "apparentenement" is 
>>> determined by each individual voter.
>> Do you have a link to the method that they use?  Is it just 
>> open party list?
> Raph, in a word, no.  I'm afraid you'll have to do your own searching.  You'll probably find the documents are in German, French,
> Italian and Romanche, the four official languages of Switzerland.  My info was taken from Enid Lakeman's book, fourth edition 1974:
> "How Democracies Vote".  Fortunately for me, that is written in English.
> With regard to the "Conseil National" (the lower house of the Swiss Federal Parliament), she says each elector has as many votes are
> there are seats to be filled in each "electoral direct" = one Canton or one-half Canton.  In 1967 there were four 1-member electoral
> districts and the others returned between 2 and 35 members each (total seats = 200).  Voters may distribute their votes among all
> the candidates nominated, freely across party lists, and cumulate two votes, but not more, on any candidate.  The votes in each list
> (or combination of allied lists) are totalled and the seats allocated to parties (or combinations of parties) in proportion to those
> totals.  The allocated seats are filled by candidates in order of the numbers of votes received.  
> There are almost certainly differences from this federal system in the arrangements and counting rules for Cantonal and local
> government elections in Switzerland.  Be aware that the PR principle goes beyond the election of the lower house of the federal
> Parliament.  The Federal Council is elected by the federal parliament and is chosen to include representatives of all the main
> parties and of the different types of cantons.
> James
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