[EM] Droop proportionality criterion for multiwinner Approval

Kristofer Munsterhjelm km-elmet at broadpark.no
Sat Mar 27 02:45:56 PDT 2010

How's this for an Approval version of the DPC?

If for a given subset S of the candidates, at least p Droop quotas 
approve of S and there is no greater set that contains S that also is 
approved by at least p Droop quotas, then if this subset has cardinality 
f, at least min(p, f) of these candidates should be in the outcome.


The greater set provision is required because otherwise, if everybody 
approved of every candidate, there would be no solution unless the 
council size was equal to the number of candidates - since every 
single-candidate set would be approved by the entire electorate and thus 
deserve to be included.

It would not be a very constraining criterion, I think, and something 
similar might be done to make an Approval version of my monotone divisor 

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